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I am Jacquelyn Nicholson, my main genre is poetry, but I also enjoy writing Australiana, history and photography books

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My Story

Jacquelyn's books cover a range of topics, from poetry to world based issues or anything under the Son. She was writing poetry from a young age and her book writing began in approx. 2010. Her first poem, through a classroom project in 1978 and published in a local magazine titled Opinions. Her style has evolved over the years into what we read today.

        What a shock
        out of breath.
        Staring in
        Where did
        the water

Her favorite past times are Genealogy & Photography - Storm chasing, sunsets, and night photography.
Jacquelyn's books are sold through the global network and through her bookstore Ecaabooks

1 part executive, 1 part Entrepreneur - Ecaabooks, 2 parts Author - Poetry, History & Beyond, 3 parts Photographer: Wildsky Horizons - Landscape, Weather & everything else, 4 parts Mum Duties - taxi, chef, doctor & caretaker.

out of breath.jpg

Jacquelyn's Guide to a
Self-Publishing Author

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned author, At Ecaabooks, we believe that anyone should have the opportunity to share their story with the world.   Our founder, Jacquelyn, has over 13 years of experience in self-publishing and provides valuable insights on how to publish a book. 


Our goal is to simplify the process of self-publishing a book, while also providing quality guidance and support.  Through Jacquelyn's courses, you will learn how to create a book  that will be both a source of pride and an effective way to get your message out to the world. With our step-by-step guidance and tools, you can navigate the publishing process with ease. Whether you’re looking to write a memoir, a novel, or a business book, we have the resources and experience to help make it happen. Let us help you take your story to the next level.

                Click the link below today to get started on your own publishing journey.

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