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Who We Are

Providing unique and high quality artwork, Jackies Arts is your go-to team for our unique wall art, art, and crafts. Our team is comprised of Trevor, our model kits expert, a photographer, and a talented new author, and myself, an author and our experienced photographer.

Let Jackies Arts help you bring your creative vision to life!

Our mission is to bring beauty and joy to people’s homes and lives.

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Author, Photographer & Artist

Jackie is an author, photographer and artist who loves being creative. She loves to write poetry and express her feelings through her art. Jackie strives to create beautiful pieces that will inspire and bring joy to people’s lives. Visit our store to see Jackie’s creations and to find the perfect piece to fit your home.

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Author, Photographer & General helper

Welcome to Jackies Arts, the place to find stunning wall art, art, and crafts. Our team is made up of the talented Trevor - our new author, professional photographer enthusiast, expert model kit builder, and general helper. For all of your art needs, Jackies Arts is the place to go.

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Other Team member

General help in arts and crafts

Welcome to Jackies Arts, your one-stop shop for all your wall art, art and craft needs. We offer a wide selection of quality materials and supplies to help you create unique and beautiful pieces. From canvases to paints, markers and more, we strive to provide you with the tools you need to express yourself through art. At Jackies Arts, we understand the importance of creativity and providing customers with the resources to bring their ideas to life. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you every step of the way. Come explore our selection today!

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